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Heartfelt Nutrition

Nutritional Therapy, Advice, Education & Support


Like many people who encourage and support people towards improved health and vitality,
Nikki has experienced major health improvements. She first visited a nutritional therapist in 2006 and began a life-changing healing journey. She learned about food and its impact on the body, what a healthy diet and lifestyle means and made the necessary changes to incorporate these principles into her life. 

Working with her nutritional therapist over time, and at increasingly deeper levels, she resolved many health issues, including:

~ hay-fever - food & environment sensitivities - sinusitis - sore throats - frequent colds - PMT - headaches - back ache - poor digestion - IBS - sugar cravings - low body temperature - dry/rough skin - fuzzy head - difficulty concentrating - dizziness - tiredness - lack of energy ~

Nikki was advised to cut out many foods, such as wheat, dairy, sugar and yeast and to increase nutrient dense foods in a form as close as possible to their natural state. It was daunting and she had her doubts, especially as her relationship with food had never been particularly healthy and she was addicted to sweat foods for energy and emotional support. But, with the help of her nutritional therapist she learnt a great deal about healthy food choices, increased her confidence and began to enjoy eating a wide range of nourishing foods. 

Nikki says:

"Making changes in our lives is not easy. We are creatures of habit and feel 'safe' with the familiar. Following a nutritional therapy programme initially requires determination and commitment but it does get easier and the rewards can be great. Seeing your health and vitality improve is very rewarding and motivating. It is about eating and living more in tune with nature, providing the body with the nutrients it requires to function optimally. Today I don't eat highly nutritious, natrual foods because I feel I have to but because I want to, and beacuse I feel the benefit in my body. I tend to follow a 90:10 rule that allows for less nutritious foods from time to time."



Heartfelt Nutrition evolved from Nikki's desire to help other people experience similar improvements in health and vitality. Having overcome the challenges of changing ingrained eating habits she now enjoys helping people understand the benefits to be had from eating more natural, healthy foods, sharing knowledge and experience so that people can make informed choices and make necessary changes in a way that works for them. 

Nikki believes in a natural, wholistic approach to health; that with the right support the body can reach an optimum level of health, subject to its inherent and acquired limitations. This involves viewing food as medicine, eating foods that provide the nutrients required by the body whilst minimising foods that are of limited value and higher in toxins.

Nikki provides nutritional therapy, advice and support, nutritional presentations, educational workshops and retreats. She also works with a number of other people who have complementary knowledge, to provide a more wholistic approach, connecting mind, body and spirit to help improve quality of life in ways other than just nutrition.


Many people today are not used to cooking from raw ingredients and feel overwhelmed when first faced with a nutritional therapy diet, to the extent that it can prevent them from making the necessary dietary changes, which in turn limits progress. Add to this the perception that eating healthily is more expensive, takes longer and is not as tasty, and that high fat/sugar foods are often used for emotional support, it is perhaps not surprising that many people revert back to previously well established, poor eating habits. Nikki therefore also provides cooking lessons for small groups and runs nutritional support groups.


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Registered Nutritional Therapist
BSc Nutr
itional Medicine 

Professional Bodies

Nikki is a member of BANT [British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine]. BANT act as a professional body for nutritional therapy practitioners and those working in the wider application of nutritional science.

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Nikki is a member of CNHC [Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council]. The CNHC is a government sponsored, voluntary registration body for complementary healthcare practitioners. Its key function is to provide access to a list of practitioners that have been assessed as meeting national standards of competence and practice.

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Just as we wouldn't dream of putting diesel in a petrol fuelled car, we can benefit by honouring our bodies and eating foods as close to their natural state as possible, so our body too can perform optimally.