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Heartfelt Nutrition

Nutritional Therapy, Advice, Education & Support


Educational talks and workshops on the nutrition, health and lifestyle subjects shown below have been run at regular intervals in recent years. However, focus is now being placed on introducing The Brain Health Programme (see separate website page) and so workshops are not currently being scheduled for people to sign up to. 

However, if you would like Nikki to give a talk or hold a workshops for a group of people, whether it is in the work place, a charity, at home or for a group you belong to, please contact Nikki to discuss and arrange details. The cost will be for the talk or workshop and not per person. The workshops are fun and light hearted, whilst being educational and inspiring.  

Availablbe in MK and surrounding area, including Rugby, Northampton, Wellingborough Bedord, Leighton Buzzard and Buckingham. 

* Eating 4 Health
* Blood Sugar Control

* Weight Management
* Depression

* Toxins and Detoxification
* Heart Health
* Digestion and Gut Health 

* Women's health isses

* Stress Management