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Heartfelt Nutrition

Nutritional Therapy, Advice, Education & Support

 MINDFUL EATING - future dates & venue to be decided

This 5 week mindful eating coures is an interactive course which combines mindfulness based meditation with learning about healthy eating in a supportive and caring environment. We will practice mindfulness, generally and with regards to food and how we eat, and will look at how by consciously making our food choices we can reduce the risk of disease and improve current health issues.


 Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the never ending advice about what a healthy diet means? Do you struggle to lose weight or keep it off once lost? There is so much information available today, some of it conflicting. This course will provide clear guidelines that will help to support good health and vitality, to help the body maintain, or move back towards, balance and wellness.


** Develop awareness of your relationship with food **

** Explore how mindfulness can help you with emotional eating **

** Develop insights and skills to have a positive relationship with your body **

** Learn to choose and prepare healthy balanced meals **

** Sample healthy foods **

** Guides & Recipes to take away **


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If you would like Nikki to give a talk or hold a workshops for a group of people, whether it is in the work place, a charity, at home or for a group you belong to, please contact Nikki to discuss and arrange details. The cost will be for the talk or workshop and not per person. The workshops are fun and light hearted, whilst being educational and inspiring.  

Availablbe in MK and surrounding area, including Rugby, Northampton, Wellingborough Bedord, Leighton Buzzard and Buckingham. 

* Eating 4 Health
* Blood Sugar Control

* Weight Management
* Depression

* Toxins and Detoxification
* Heart Health
* Digestion and Gut Health 

* Women's health isses

* Stress Management